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When interested in one of our vehicles on the Rent to Own or Rentals option, we require the buyer to submit the following:
ID document
• License
• Proof of address
• Payslip and / or bank statements
• Signed contract on the vehicle you are interested in
• Deposit paid on approval and collection

No upfront fees are payable (except a delivery fee if the buyer would like the vehicle to be delivered). Our main criteria are that the buyer must prove that he can afford the monthly instalment. A good indication is having a large deposit available.

Once the buyer has been approved and taken delivery, he remains responsible for all traffic fines, licensing fees, roadworthy fees, maintenance, and repairs. We will however assist in sourcing spares the buyer may require at the best possible rate.

All instalments listed include tracker and comprehensive insurance.

To get pre-approved you must:
• submit all the required documents,
• prove income (be employed or self-employed),
• have a deposit.
This is a straightforward service offered to bona fide buyers.